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Our Concept

Get right into Japan with the perfect introductory tour that gives you the confidence to explore on your own later.

  • Get used to the public transport system
  • Master a few polite phrases
  • Learn how to dine at Japanese restaurants
  • Discover the difference between a shrine and a temple and what to do at each
  • Most importantly, learn how to RELAX in Japan! We want you to enjoy our country and Japanese people will go to enormous lengths to make that happen!

Just a half-day with one of our guides will give you the confidence to set out on your own and make the best of your time in Japan!

Our tours are recommended to begin in the morning and end early afternoon however, if you wish to begin at noon, we can arrange the tour as requested. Please write your requests in our reservation form.

Costs, Fees and Other Important Details

  • All tours are private. You will not have other groups in your tour. The tour fee is for your own group of people.
  • Tour fee: JPY28,000 per group of up to 10 people for five hours with a guide (NOTE: This is the per-group fee, NOT the per-person fee)
  • Other Expenses: Approximately JPY2,500 to JPY3,000 per person (admission charges for the temples, transport and lunch)
  • Expense for the guide: Please cover the guide's transport during the tour and lunch (approximately JPY2,000)
  • Please make sure that you are covered by your own travel insurance.
  • Extension of tour is also possible with an additional fee. Please write your requests in the reservation mail.
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Your Takeaway

The information given during the tour will enable you to explore the city on your own with full confidence from the very next day! Our guide will show you how to make a good use of the subways and buses, explain how to appreciate temples, shrines and Japanese gardens and give you tips on Japanese food. She/he will also explain Japanese etiquette and how to communicate with Japanese people while you are traveling in Japan with some simple Japanese phrases. Best of all, you will get to interact extensively with a real Japanese person and learn how he or she feels and thinks.